Best Construction WordPress Themes 2018


Hammer is a construction theme built by a great team of developers who love to serve their customers and want them to be satisfied. Hammer is a healthy, clean and light responsive WordPress premium theme. It’s probably the best choice for the builders to have this theme for their personal/commercial website. The pattern and colors of this theme are attracting and eye-catching, it’s a useful and probably one of the best themes for large/small companies and even freelancers. It offers various types of functions and features that prove to be useful for builders and designers. A company needs a perfect website theme in order to bring more customers and popularity, for construction purposes, this theme might be the best option for you. It offers one click demo import, with that feature you can customize your demo content of the theme in just a few seconds and you can make the demo look as you want.

The coloring of the theme is perfect for builders and designers, it offers yellow and black mixing with a white background for the content. It offers different sections for your website, for example, if you wanna put News for your site, you can put it on “News” section without customizing other sections. The theme is so easy to setup and install on your website that a beginner can do it without any hustles in less than a few minutes. The theme offers you an easy to access page builder, with that you can easily edit the content of your site just by clicking, all you have to do is drag and drop, thats all. This theme is probably the best option for those who wants to set their website themselves for their company without doing any kind of coding.

Hammer provides you with easy to access page builder, so if you want to make some changes for your website, you can just do them yourself without having to waste your time, you can even update your website on a regular basics. Theme itself is fully customizable and can be customized into a new look. The theme is responsive and is ready to be used for PCs, smartphones and tablets. The design fits on each of the devices, no matter where you are browsing your site, you will get the best view possible with all the features. Hammer provides you with features that others don’t. The developing team of this theme offers you free updates for future WordPress updates. With this theme, you get 6 months of premium support that means if you are having any kind of troubles with installing or something, you can just notify the developers and they will guide you with everything possible.

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Bolts is modern, reliable, competent, advantageous and clean premium responsive WordPress theme. It’s built with love, skills and patience, it has a lot more to offer than you think. It’s a multi-category theme, you can use it for more than enough purposes, not just for building. Bolts can be used for transport companies, factories and a lot of other industries. When someone is thinking about opening their own industry, the first thing they think about is a website and the look of it so they try to get the best design possible for their website so they can get their customers digitally and promote their business with that website, for that, Bolts can be the right choice for you because it has too much to offer for Industries and Factories. Bolts is an exclusive theme built to meet the requirements of businessmen and even freelancers. It’s an easy to access theme and offers a clear and appropriate view for your customers/clients.

It offers you with amazing color patterns, features and a lot more. It offers you with different patterns of colors which can be changed easily without doing any kind of coding. Bolts has one click demo import ability which means you can customize your content of the demo page in no time. Apart from that, you can also edit the content of your website with drag and drop feature, you just have to drop the content of your website from one place to another, thats all. It would be really hard to find a theme that has same abilities as Bolts, it’s a diverse and fancy theme with a lot of features. If you are looking for a theme that has the potential to turn your website into a overnight success then Bolts would be the proper way to go.

Every single of its features is designed to offer your customers a good view for your company. It offers you with professional custom widgets made by its own developers which can be useful for you in any way. The theme is responsive and retina ready, it’s designed to fit the view of every single device, no matter what device you are using, you are going to get the best view possible and you will be able even able to access all of its features from a smart phone. The developers of this theme are active, friendly and love to help their customers, that means if you ran into any troubles regarding the theme, they will guide you completely and solve your problem as soon as possible. One of its best features is the live customizer, with that you can change colors, layout and even widgets in real-time without having to refresh your page again and again.

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StructurePress is a fancy, clean, professional and robust WordPress premium theme that offers more than enough features for designers, builders and architectures. The theme offers the features that make you satisfied and comfortable with creating your own website. StructurePress offers you with 15+ custom widgets which you can choose before making your own website, these widgets are useful and can be used for so many purposes. This theme is not just for building purposes, it can be used for other purposes as well and it can be proved as the best choice for freelancers as it’s so easy to customize completely and you can even add more widgets and plugins of your own choice. StructurePress is a reliable theme which can be used for both personal and company website. It’s a feature-rich and easy to use theme, it offers you with one click import feature, with that, you can customize the content of the demo in just a few seconds.

It offers you with probably the easiest page builder, with that you can customize your web-pages with just dragging and dropping, weather it’s main page, contact page or some other page, you just have to drag and drop, thats all. The developers of this theme provides you with brilliant support that means if you have any troubles with the theme, they can always reach you and provide you with the best solution possible and guide you with everything. The content of your website can be changed without doing any kind of coding at all. This theme is perfectly optimized for search engines, that means it’s gonna get your website into the competition without doing any further work, all you have to do is setup your website and your content, the theme will worry about SEO. The developers of this theme are active and they offer you 100% customer support rate, that means if you contact them, they will reach you as fast as possible.

StructurePress offer you with various choices of colors, you are able to change the colors of your pages in seconds without getting into any hustle. The main pattern of the theme is smooth and looks amazing. It offers you with “Yellow and Black” colored menus which can be changed to any other colors of your own choice later. Yellow color is dedicated for builders and designers. It’s highly optimized responsive theme and it’s fast as bullet, the theme loads the contents in seconds which means your customers will be able to open your site without any kind of wait. It’s designed to work with all the devices, means, it’s gonna be friendly with smart phones and tablets as well, your site isn’t gonna have any issues with that. The one of the best features of this theme is the “Live Customizer”, with that feature you can just make changes to your website and see them live without having to refresh your page. StructurePress is ready to be used with thousands of WordPress plugins and widgets.

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BuildPress is a resourceful, clean, purposeful and friendly highly responsive WordPress premium theme. This theme has a lot of tools that can be used to show off your customers your work and your skills. Weather you are making a website for your company or for yourself, this theme can be the best choice for both purposes. BuildPress is a powerful and feature-rich theme, it’s based on greatest and next level web development technology. It’s available in 6 demo variations and all of them look fancy and clean, apart from that the theme comes with 20+ page layouts. BuildPress is what growing and successful companies need. It’s best suited for building and designing sites, with its great features, you can do a lot more than you think with your website. The theme is regularly updated and the buyers of the theme will be served with premium support from professional developers. It’s highly responsive and fast to browse.

The theme has a great team of developers, they coded the theme in such a clever & professional way that you don’t have to code yourself in order to make any changes. It offers you with various colors and next level features that help you make your website attracting. BuildPress is what you need to promote your business on International level because it’s a translation-ready theme, there is not a lot of WordPress theme that support this feature. It offers you one click demo import feature, with that feature, you can make changes to demo content of your theme in seconds. The theme is highly optimized for any kind of screen, weather it’s smart-phone, tablet or PC. BuildPress has a built-in slider where you can put images of your company to show to your customers. It offers choice of 12+ custom built widgets which can be useful in making your own website.

It’s highly optimized for search engines and it keeps your website in the competition. BuildPress is marvelously clean and fast to use theme, with its page builder, you can customize your webpage just by dragging and dropping, you don’t have to worry about doing any kind of coding yourself. One of its best features is Live Customizer, with that feature, you can keep an eye on the changes that you are making in real-time, you can change the colors of layouts and widgets with live customizer without having to refresh the page. The support of this theme is always happy to help its customers and provide them the best support possible, they are very responsive and dutiful with a response rate of 100%. The creators of the theme offers you with step-by-step manuals about how to setup this theme on your website so if you are new to making website, you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

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Craftsman Construction


Craftsman construction is a reliable, robust, professional and fast-to-use responsive premium WordPress theme. It’s specially designed for designers, builders, architectures and plumbers. Craftsman construction has a lot more to offer than you think, it offers you with a lot of modern features that can be useful in promoting your website on International level. It’s very flexible theme because it supports the one click page builder feature, with that feature, you can build you pages for your website in less than a minute. The theme is responsive and retina ready, that means, you are going to get the best view on every single device, weather it’s a smart-phone, a tablet or PC.

It has it’s own special custom built plugins and widgets including visual composer and layerslider WP that are proved to be helpful in making your website fast to load and look good visually. This theme comes with easy to setup expenses calculator, with that, you can calculate your expenses in a easy way. Craftsman construction is designed to keep you in competition when it comes to SEO, all you have to do is setup your website and let it worry about search engine optimization. It has a professional team of developers who will assist you with everything possible in-case you run into troubles, they offer you free support.

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Construction is a unique, visually intuitive, reliable and fast-loading premium WordPress theme. It’s one of those themes which never fails to impress you and your customers. This theme can be used for building, construction, designing or other industries websites. The design of the theme is very unique and diverse, there is not a lot of other WordPress themes that meet the quality of this theme. It’s a feature-rich and easy to access theme, you can make your pages without having to code anything, it offers you with unlimited styles. It supports 600+ fonts and it contains multi footer styles. It also offers you one click demo editor, with that you can customize the content of your demo page in seconds.

It’s a theme that is sure to promote your business or company with the style and professionalism, not a lot of local companies want to work for international customers, if you are interested in promoting your company on international level then this theme would be the perfect choice for you. It’s a highly responsive, mobile and SEO friendly theme, it will give you the best view on any screen possible. It also offers you with coming soon and maintenance pages just in-case. The developers of this theme provide you with free support and video tutorials for beginners.

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BestBuild is one of the best construction themes when it comes to design and colors-pattern, it will not disappoint you in designs and layouts. It offers you with different kind of menu layouts so if you aren’t happy with one design for menu layout then you can always change to another one. BestBuild is clean, good-looking, professional and fast-loading premium WordPress theme. There might be more than enough Construction themes but this one fits in every aspect, builders, designers and architectures prefer something like BestBuild for their website. The theme is easy to use and install on your own website, even if you aren’t web developer yourself, you can still use it for your website because it comes with User Manuals.

Apart from good design, the theme is also feature-rich, if offers you a lot of good features which can be proved to be useful for construction purposes. It comes with one click demo import feature, you just need to press one click and you can bring the content of demo page to your own website. BestBuild comes with Visual Composer and different kind of sliders which you can put on your site. It’s responsive theme which is highly optimized for every device possible, weather it’s your smartphone, tablet or PC, it gives you a good view on every device with all the features. The theme is perfect in every way, it even offers you with latest translation feature so you can have multi-langues on your website.

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Structure is a robust, good-looking, clever and easy to use highly responsive WordPress theme for building and construction purposes. It can be used for different types of industries, it’s useful for builders, architectures, designers and even engineers. The theme has its own unique and diverse design and the features are pretty good as well. The coloring of the theme is unique from others and its layouts for menus are clean and light weight. As the theme is easy to use, you don’t have to be web developer yourself in order to install this theme on your website, there is step-by-step manuals for beginners as well. It’s a feature-rich and good looking theme, it’s highly optimized for almost every device possible, you can have the best view on even smartphones and tablets with all of its features.

The developers of the theme are pretty compromising and tries their best to help their customers and provide them with best support possible, that’s probably the reason this theme has about 2000+ sales. Structure has about 16+ color schemes so you can choose any color for your website, apart from that, it has 6+ header options so you can make your website’s heading of your own choice. It supports one click demo import feature and it also lets you customize your page while being live with live customier.

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The Builders


The Builders is a reliable, healthy and easy to use WordPress premium theme. It’s a theme designed specially for the builders and designers, the theme is feature-rich and offers a lot than you think. With this theme, you don’t have to know a bit about coding because it’s super easy to use and can be installed by beginners. Apart from designing/building purposes, this theme can be used for other needs as well. It’s highly responsive and retina ready theme, means it’s fully operational for every device, weather it’s smartphone tablet or PC. It’s a theme that meets your requirements and never disappoints you. Things are even easier with its one click demo import feature.

The Builders is a unique and professional theme with a lot of plugins, design options, different layouts and widgets. If you are new to website building, then you don’t have to worry because this theme offers you Visual Composer, with that you can just make your site by dragging and dropping. The theme comes with revolution slider option, with that you can choose any kind of sliders you want for your own site. To design your site with your own choices, the theme offers you with unlimited colors and fonts.

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Constructo is a professional, robust and fast-loading premium responsive WordPress theme. The design of the theme is sure to promote your business to another level because it looks so clean and unique. The coloring of the theme is unique and so different from other building themes. Apart from good design of the theme, it’s also feature-rich and offers you with a lot of modern features. The developers of this theme are awesome as well and offers you a good support in-case you run into some troubles with installing or something. The theme has kinda all the tools to show your past work, skills to your customers. It’s highly responsive and retina ready theme.

This theme has 3000+ satisfied customers, the price is also fair so you don’t have to worry about that. It offers you with one click demo import feature so you can import the demo content to your site just in one click, it’s also easy to change demo content without any coding or something. For beginners, the developers team has videos to guide you with everything possible. It comes with Visual Composer so you can edit the content of your site easily with just dragging and dropping. It also has built-in admin panel, with that you can perform different actions with your site.

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